Lbdi manages the communication campaigns with a systematic, consistent and thorough approach, in order to increase the visibility of the Companies and to enhance their market position, thanks to the publication of free articles on Italian and foreign medias. We distinguish ourselves for our ability to manage directly, from our headquarters, the public relations with journalists across Europe and all neighbouring countries such as Turkey.
The goal of our advertising plans is to reach the largest audience possible in order to strengthen your brand awareness and distinguish your Company from the Competitors.
Business First!
Lbdi develops marketing material in order to help your Sales Team to promote services and products to prospects.
Events and fairs are a crucial moment to build strong relationships and create new business opportunities, in Italy and abroad.
Enterpreneurs are the most credible and authoritative point of reference of our times. They are the guardians of ancient, often forgotten values,they are people capable of great intuitions and unwavering tenacity, outstanding willpower and spirit of sacrifice, powerful actions and courage. Telling their story means telling real life stories which the author can skilfully contextualise in space and time.