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 Lbdi 8 Top tips for a Successful Advertising Campaign

 Lbdi 8 Top tips for a Successful Advertising Campaign

1.Go after the target audience: a successful advertising campaign should be specifically addressed to the niche market of your client, avoiding to send a generic message which is not able to win the interest of the target audience.

2.Highlight the company’s competitive advantages: one of the key elements for an effective campaign is to highlight the company's points of strength. According to us, the advertising has to be not only smart, but also effective in communicating the benefits of the product or the service.

3."Be uniquely you": establish the company’s distinctive image and message to distinguish from those trying "to Be Everything to Everyone"

4."Every country is different": localise the advertising message considering the cultural, social and environmental barriers of the different countries

5.Diversify your advertising investment: choose a variety of suitable online and offline, national and international media according to your target audience and budget

6.Test your campaign in advance: verify the advertising concepts in advance using Lbdi's qualitative and quantitative analysis, before you launch the campaign.

7.Punctuality is a must: Lbdi assures a well-timed management of the materials to be sent to the media.

8.Always monitor the campaign results: Lbdi carries out brand equity and reputation surveys in order to verify the impact of the campaign.

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