Market Researches & Qualitative/Quantitative Surveys

Lbdi develops and carries out market researches and qualitative and quantitative surveys on behalf of companies which aim at keeping a stable competitive position in Italy and abroad, over time. Purpose of this activity is also to measure in advance the efficacy of strategic communication plans.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Qualitative/quantitative surveys, targeting a restricted customers’ panel, to collect useful information, such as products, distribution, after market service, promotion effectiveness as well as an overall evaluation of the Company’s current position in the market. The goal is to acquire the perception of the target with regard to the current Value Proposition.

Prospect Marketing Audit

The objective is to identify a series of competitive advantages recognized by potential clients so that Company brand is commercially distinct, easily recognizable, with long term persistence and relevance for Clients.
Lbdi manages both quantitative and qualitative market researches aimed at defining the characteristics of the brand in order to be considered as a Leader and analyses the “Top of mind” in the field and the elements that determine their position.

Focus Group with Private and Body Experts

Market analysis and strategic evaluation is developed thanks to a qualitative research aimed at identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the Company, its products and initiatives, and to investigate critical success factors regarding the market and key competitors.