International Projects

Lbdi is an International Company that develops Communication & Marketing projects directly in Europe and worldwide in collaboration with its 33 Correspondants.

Lbdi International Consultancy

Our international programs are structured in multiple phases to analyze the market and implement an operational marketing & communication plan, thus incentivizing new business and the development of agreements with strategic partners to enlarge the distribution Channel.

Segmentation & Analysis of Target Markets

Lbdi will create a database profiled containing potential Clients, Intermediaries, Local Authorities and Suppliers based on criteria that will be agreed and shared with the Company.
We will complete this phase with an analysis on demographic, economic, technological, political and cultural factors and their influence on the Company’s marketing plans.

Marketing & Lead Generation Campaigns

Lbdi develops Marketing & Lead Generation Campaings with an integrated plan designated to promote the Company and its solutions in Italy and abroad.

Cross Functional Facilitation

Lbdi supports its clients in any additional requirements, with a dedicated multilingual staff that facilitates relations between the Company and foreign counterparties.

Partner Program Strategy

Lbdi develops and implements strategic partner programs aiming both at creating new distribution channels and evaluating prospect distributors/resellers for potential partnership agreements.