Company Biographies

Enterpreneurs are the most credible and authoritative point of reference of our times. They are the guardians of ancient, often forgotten values,they are people capable of great intuitions and unwavering tenacity, outstanding willpower and spirit of sacrifice, powerful actions and courage. Telling their story means telling real life stories which the author can skilfully contextualise in space and time.

Editing Process

Lbdi staff, together with the author and the publisher, will define the work plan for the development of the book. The staff will also organise interviews and gather all the iconographic material, taking decisions about the main phases of the editing process and defining the timescale of the work, starting from a shared editorial agenda.

Publishing Process

Lbdi staff will coordinate the publisher and the author as regards: book concept, art direction, translations, editing, drafts correction and proofreading, graphic design, research of pictures, layout, photolithography process, colour corrections, print, binding, packaging, delivery, press office, national and international promotion and distribution.